Continuing Professional Development or CPD is a process by which you improve your professional knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. CPD gives you the opportunity to record, review and reflect on your learning. It is essential for continued employment and advancement. Through the Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development you can take a selection of modules on an individual standalone basis, without having to commit to a longer course of study.

Our modules are industry focused and provide an ideal opportunity to upskill in your profession and add to your CPD portfolio. We work closely with employers and professional bodies to ensure that we are providing the kind of training that is research-based, learner-focused and relevant to current employment needs.

We are in the process of adding modules for 2020/2021, and they will be available shortly.

How does CPD work?

As a busy professional you need to keep up to speed with the ever-changing workplace. We  offer many flexible ways to develop your professional skills on a continuous basis.

This can range from one day seminars with leading experts and researchers, to modules using blended learning or online learning.

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Benefits of CPD

Busy professionals rarely have the time to set a career to one side in order to return to full-time education. Here’s how you can upskill part-time and fit it in around your packed schedule.


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About us

Our dynamic team of highly qualified educators has many years’ experience in the process of facilitating continuous professional development.

You can benefit from our ability to apply the theory of adult learning to the practicalities of delivering flexible learning to busy people.

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